Review of 2022 and Plan for 2023

As we finish up a successful year of challenges overcome, opportunities realized, and goals achieved, we are well positioned to continue this growth throughout 2023.


Our team’s work ethic and singular focus on the Tribal Rides’ vision provided the foundation for our success, which is exemplified by the following list of impressive achievements:

1.      We released test versions of our RYDE Driver and Rider apps

2.     Our apps were accepted and approved by the Apple and Android app stores

3.     Our apps included financial transaction capabilities via PayPal and Stripe

4.     We continued to refine and prioritize our RYDE product feature set and roadmap

5.      We submitted additional revised Patent applications

6.     For our stock trading, FINRA approved Glendale Securities as our “Market Maker”

7.      We submitted our final application for new stock ticker

8.     We continued our commitment to full financial transparent with our audited financials


With this foundation in place, we believe 2023 will be an ever-better year as we finalize the following plans and actions:

1.      Staffing up our product development and marketing efforts

2.     Full commercial release of our RYDE applications by mid 2023

3.     Initial deployment of RYDE in Southern California, with subsequent expansion across the US

4.     Rolling out a compelling driver loyalty program to help compete successfully with UBER and Lyft

5.      Generating a healthy and growing revenue stream in the second half of 2023 and beyond

6.     Transition stock from OTC Pinksheets to OTC QB to accommodate institutional investors


“Stay Tuned” because 2023 is shaping up to be a great year for Tribal Rides!