Agreement Enables XNDA to Acquire Digital Transportation Platform

MISSION VIEJO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2020 / Effective January 18, 2020, Xinda International Corp. (XNDA) entered into an asset purchase agreement with Tribal Rides, Inc., a private U.S. based company, to acquire a digital transportation enablement and enhancement platform which provides fully automated dispatching and bookings management built for taxi companies, limousine companies and ridesharing service providers.

"We are very pleased with the finalization of this transaction and look forward to moving our company deep into this disruptive and growing market," stated Tribal Rides, Inc., CEO Joseph Grimes.

According to Tribal Rides, Inc., the platform gives customers an app based experience while the acquired cloud-based platform provides service providers a range of functions that include customer booking, accounts management, driver tracking, real-time notifications, auto dispatching algorithms, accounting and settlements, corporate account management as well as providing reporting and analytics.

"This is an exciting time in self-driving car marketing place, where we have just scratched the surface of opportunities and development," added Grimes.

Tribal Rides Inc. is a technology company specializing in disruptive software solutions focused on the digital transformation of transportation.

XiNDA International Corporation offered services including identifying property tax lien auctions and property tax liens for sale, valuation, consultation, and advisory solutions, and is now evolving into a technology company focused on the digital transformation of transportation.

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SOURCE: Xinda International Corp.