Innovative Industry Leaders

Each our our partners and affiliates are experts in their fields and support our vision. Excited about the potential our technology brings for shaping the world's interaction with self-driving cars, our partners engage with us to develop the best solution possible.

Vision Mobility

Development Partner

Vision Mobility Canada

TribalRides Partner Cambridge Systematics

Technology Partner

Cambridge Systematics

TribalRides Partner CUBE

Business Partner

The Center for Unique Business Enterprises, (The “CUBE”)

TribalRides Partner NCAR

Academic Partner

Nevada Center for Applied Research (NCAR) and Innovation Center

TribalRides Partner University of California, Santa Barbara

Academic Partner

University Of California, Santa Barbara


Strategic Partner


Strategic Partner


Strategic Partner

HERE Technologies

Vision of Mobility

Strategic Partner

Vision of Mobility



Visionaries Wanted

We're looking for others who share our vision of a safer and more efficient road transportation system. Connect with us to consider partnership opportunities.