Trusted Rides Benefits Drivers

Helping drivers grow their businesses... and develop trusted, ongoing relationships with their clients

Drivers Have Significant Frustrations with
Legacy Rideshare Systems...

  • Limited control over what rides to accept, and penalized by rideshare companies for declining too many rides
  • No control over how much to charge for a ride, including during surge periods
  • Low pay, with rideshare companies taking a significant share of each fare
  • No support for working with repeat customers / building clientele
  • Dead-end gig when self-driving cars arrive

Trusted Rides Helps Drivers Overcome these Frustrations!

  • Specify how much to charge for each ride, and vary rates by circumstance as appropriate
  • Invite riders to join driver’s list of preferred clients for repeat business with rides scheduled ahead of time
  • Make more money, paying much smaller transaction fees with Trusted Rides and keeping a higher percentage of the cost of each ride
  • Build multi-driver businesses and collaboratives to allow for cross referrals and accommodate more clients with greater efficiency
  • Access tools based on geographic and temporal demand patterns to maximize productivity and profit
  • Evolve business when self-driving cars arrive through asset ownership