Ecosystem & Marketplace

Tribal Rides’ vision of a new disruptive technology for self-driving cars was formalized in 2014 with the filing of patent applications for predictive analytics to automatically anticipate requirements and deploy cars by means of individual accounts, shared-car ownership, and/or multiple user accounts.



We’ve continued to expand our vision beyond just self-driving cars to create a unique personal transportation environment that supports both individual and business needs within a Cloud-based Personal Mobility Platform – By Integrating Mobility Ecosystems and Cooperative Development Community.


How Do We Accomplish This?

Strategy Diagram

Tribal Rides’ focus is developing an Open Architecture, Mobility Platform interactive with the IOT, providing Management of Mobility while focusing and enhancing the in-vehicle transit experience. To create an end-to-end mobility system for interconnected, IOT-based resources, we are:

  • Developing Strategic Partnerships
  • Acquiring new IP and Synergist Companies 
  • Supporting Independent Developers
  • Providing new Customer Loyalty Programs