Experienced Leadership Team

Joe Grimes

Team Led by: Joseph Grimes, CEO
25 years of Successful Entrepreneurial Experience. President and Co-Founder of The ISERA Group; President and COO, XsunX; President and Founder, Solar Utility Networks; MA UCSB, BA UCSB

Steve Ritacco

Steve Ritacco: CTO
Successful Developer and Entrepreneur:
CTO, BlueNRGY; CTO, S& H Solutions; Owner, Proxemi; Director of Development, Excite; Director of IT, YOUWINIT. BS, University of Rhode Island

Sanjay Prasad

Sanjay Prasad, Esq: Patent Attorney
Chief Patent Counsel, Oracle Corporation; Licensing Executive, IPValue Mgmt; Licensing Executive, Intellectual Ventures; Owner, Prasad IP; Board member, Intellectual Property Owners Association; Board member, Software Patent Institute.
Law Degree, Syracuse University College of Law; Editor, Syracuse Law Review

Dr. Paul Sorensen

Dr. Paul Sorensen, VP Product
Principal and Sr. Software Project Manager, Cambridge Systematics; Senior Transportation Consultant, RAND Corporation; Consultant, Transportation Research Board; Software Developer, Bang Networks; Software Designer and Project Manager, ISERA Group; Founder, Solana Designs LLC.

Phd UCSB, MA UCLA, MA UCSB, BA Dartmouth (Valedictorian)

Don Smith

Don Smith, CFO
Mr. Smith has served as our Chief Financial Officer since November 18, 2021. From January 1998 to the present, Mr. Smith has served as President of Emerald Palms LLC Consulting and Professional Tax & Accounting. From January 2019 to February 2020, Mr. Smith served as Vice-President Sales and Business Development at Singlepoint, Inc. From October 2016 to October 2018, Mr. Smith served as Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and a director of Smart Cannabis Inc. (OTC: SCNA)

Tribal Rides Team Experience

Software application clients:
    •    US Army, Navy, Air Force
    •    US Department of Transportation
    •    American Medical Response (AMR)
    •    BOEING
    •    German Air Force
    •    US National Science Foundation (NSF)
    •    US Dept of Education, University of California

    In these markets:
    •    Flight and Training Logistics
    •    Emergency Deployment and Staffing
    •    Hospital Staffing
    •    Training Logistics
    •    Mapping and Routing, and many more

    •    Extensive fleet management technology experience
    •    Ride-Sharing
    •    Scheduling, Logistics and Re-deployment
    •    Heuristic solutions
    •    Geo-Optimization
    •    AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    •    Machine Learning
    •    Network Optimization
    •    Block chain

 Strategic Partnering:
    •    Mapping, Geo-coding,
    •    Complex Multi-modal Algorithm Development
    •    In-transit Experiences
    •    Safe Mobile Transactions
    •    State-of-the-art Cybersecurity