Trusted Rides Platform:
Upending the rideshare market!

Empowering drivers to grow their businesses on their own terms and create trusted relationships with preferred clients for repeat rides.


Trusted Rides enables DRIVERS to earn more and to grow and manage their businesses based on their own priorities
  • Drivers pay smaller fees for use of the Trusted Rides platform and in turn earn more money
  • Drivers set their own rates by specifying a minimum fee, a per-mile charge rate, and a per-minute charge rate
  • Drivers may vary their rates based on different circumstances, such as charging more at the end of the day when they’d otherwise prefer to head home
  • Drivers invite riders (via QR code or by asking for rider email) to become preferred clients and schedule rides in advance
  • Drivers access analytical tools for insights on where and when to drive in order to maximize their revenue
  • Drivers create multi-driver organizations to enable referrals and serve more riders with greater efficiency
Trusted Rides provides RIDERS with greater choice, flexibility, and cost savings
  • Riders schedule rides ahead of time with their preferred drivers
  • Riders can negotiate pickup and drop off time based on driver’s availability during the day
  • Riders pay lower fares resulting from the lower costs for drivers to use the Trusted Rides platform
  • Riders can compare costs from different drivers and choose the lowest cost or most convenient
  • Riders are not charged for surge pricing
Trusted Rides platform fosters TRUSTED ONGOING RELATIONSHIPS between riders and their drivers
  • Riders get to known and trust their drivers over time
  • Riders will have confidence that their drivers will be there to pick them up when scheduled
  • Riders will trust their drivers to handle sensitive assignments, such as picking up their kids after school or transporting an aging parent to a medical visit
  • Riders will happily refer their trusted drivers to other friends to further increase a driver’s business