Trusted Rides Benefits Riders

Providing riders with the convenience of personal drivers, at much lower cost

Riders Are Also Frustrated with
Existing Rideshare Systems...

  • Services are often unreliable when most in need, with no accountability if driver no-shows
  • Surge rate pricing can be exorbitant
  • No easy way for a rider to use a driver they like for another ride in the future

Trusted Rides Platform Overcomes Existing Rider Frustrations!

  • Develop ongoing relationships with preferred drivers for repeat rides
  • Schedule rides in advance, with confidence that a trusted driver will be there at the right time
  • Develop confidence that a trusted driver can handle your most sensitive transportation needs, such as for children or elderly relatives
  • Enjoy potentially lower costs per ride (subject to driver’s rate structure), with no surge pricing
  • Review ride quotes from multiple drivers and select preferred option based on factors such as price and convenience