Technology Roadmap

Starting with a Great Idea, with Lots More Functionality on the Way

Initial Release, Coming Summer 2023

Scheduled rides with repeat clients
  • Drivers specify their own rate structures
  • Drivers invite clients to join their preferred clientele for repeat rides
  • Riders accept invitation to join a driver’s preferred client list
  • Riders request rides from preferred drivers, including date, time, origin, and destination
  • Drivers provide quotes including price of ride and specify when they can pick up and drop off rider
  • Rider can review quotes and accept or decline; accepted quotes are then scheduled
  • Drivers pickup and deliver riders for scheduled rides
  • Upon ride completion, rider pays driver electronically or in cash, and driver pays small fee to Trusted Rides platform

Planned Functionality for Future Releases

Dynamic dispatching for on-demand rides
  • As more drivers adopt the Trusted Rides platform, with greater overall capacity, the system will begin to support on-demand rides in select markets
  • When making a ride request, riders will be able to review and select among quotes provided by different drivers
  • In selecting a driver, riders can weigh factors such as price, how soon driver can arrive, and what type of vehicle driver has
Sophisticated social networking and preferred pricing relationships
  • Riders can create networks based on geographical or organizational characteristics (e.g. families in a school district)
  • Drivers can affiliate with, and provided preferred pricing to, different rider networks
  • Examples: a driver could provide lower prices to families in the same church, or to clients of a nearby senior center
Third Party Payors
  • Organizations can join the Trusted Rides network and pay for rides for their clients or members (e.g. a business pays for rides for its employees)
  • Drivers can be designated as preferred drivers for a third-party payor, further building their business
  • Drivers may choose to provide discounts to third party payors to help gain their business, creating a win-win relationship
Inclusion of Self-Driving Cars
  • As self-driving cars (SDCs) gain market share, the Trusted Rides platform will evolve to accommodate SDCs owned by individuals and organizations
  • SDC owners, when not using their vehicles, can allow their SDCs to provide rides within the Trusted Rides network
  • As with drivers, SDC owners can specify when their vehicles are available and how much they want to charge for their use
  • As with drivers, SDC owners can additionally specify preferred rates for their networks or members
  • SDC ownership provides a pathway for current drivers to continue to serve their clientele and expand their business