We are Revolutionizing Rideshare Now and Preparing for Self-Driving Cars

Advantages for Drivers using RYDE:

  • Drivers can set their own rates – Patent Pending
  • No longer are Drivers restricted to charging what the other Rideshare apps demand
  • And because of this freedom, Drivers can make more and keep more
  • We accept Cryptocurrency and Bartering
  • Drivers can connect to their own social networks – Patent Pending
  • Take advantage of your own network and repeat customers
  • Drivers can use advanced scheduling capabilities – Patented
  • Drivers can take advantage of our Smart Deployment
  • Higher occupancy and quicker arrival times
  • Riders can pay less to get more affordable rides
  • Riders feel safer requesting their favorite drivers they trust
  • Riders can choose who their share the trip with
  • We plan on launching our new application early 2022 in Los Angeles

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