Introducing Dr. Paul Sorensen, VP of Product Development

Please welcome Dr. Paul Sorensen to our Tribal Rides team as our new Vice President of Product Development.

“We are very excited about Paul joining our development team. He brings to Tribal Rides his outstanding domain experience and development expertise. But most importantly, he is an important addition in helping us achieve our vision and corporate goals. It’s great to have him join us!” stated Joe Grimes, CEO.

Dr. Sorensen has over 25 years of experience in software project and program management, design, development, optimization, simulation, geographic information systems, and planning and policy research in the fields of urban planning, transportation, energy, environment, and emergency services. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Dartmouth College, master’s and doctoral degrees in geography from UCSB, and a master’s in urban planning from UCLA. Before joining Tribal Rides, Paul worked as a senior software project manager at Cambridge Systematics, a transportation consultancy, with a focus on trip planning and scheduling applications for human services transportation. Prior to that, he was a senior operations researcher and associate director of the transportation, space, and technology program at the RAND Corporation, a non-partisan policy think tank. In the 1990s, Paul worked with Joe Grimes at the ISERA Group, including roles as principal investigator and as lead software designer.

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