Self Driving Car Update

It looks like the Self-Driving Car industry is finally catching up to Tribal Rides.

Since 2014, Tribal Rides has been focused on developing software technology (patents and patents pending) to address the emergence of Self-Driving Cars (SDC).

“During 2019 and 2020, we have seen a world-wide explosion in activities in our industry,” stated Tribal Rides CEO Joseph Grimes.

“There have been massive investments by traditional car companies to launch their own versions of SDCs. But that’s not all. There was a huge influx of start-up companies, significant improvement in SDC technologies, several large acquisitions and newly formed strategic partnerships in the USA, Europe, China, and Japan. And with the emergence of 5G, the infrastructure has expanded to better support their data requirements. We believe that we are seeing the first real wave of this revolution going mainstream,” continued Mr. Grimes.

“We believe Tribal Rides is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this emergence.”

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