The Patented, Next Generation Mobility Ecosystemfor Self-Driving Cars.
Where in the World are Self-Driving Cars?

Self-driving cars world map

Self-driving cars are already here… everywhere in the world. Now. Tribal Rides is designing the next generation of ride-sharing apps, which will work with self-driving cars.  You could be your own Uber.

Currently in design stage, our application will let car-owners manage their self-driving car, share it with their family and friends and coordinate rides among their community.

We are also launching a Transaction Manager that will handle payments in the system.

Our design will create more efficient ride-sharing, alleviate traffic, increase road safety and improve convenience for millions of people.

The Social Internet of Vehicles is a powerful tool that consumers may use to manage self-driving cars. We intend to design and build an ecosystem which will contain a suite of networking software solutions designed to meet the needs of these consumers in a personalized and optimized manner.

Our patented approach may provide smaller customized transportation networking solutions that are more efficient at promoting ride sharing, optimizing routes, departure times and locations, all while keeping you connected to those in your life. 


Using existing social networks, on and offline, Tribal Rides is changing the way we will commute.

We believe we are on the cutting edge of technology, using the newest and best methods to create a tool that is completely unique and revolutionary. Our patent and patent pending technologies are designed to address emerging technologies like blockchain and IoT and to provide community benefits for small group behavior and collaborative consumption.

Tribal Rides is taking advantage of these emerging technologies to optimize the way we travel, changing our entire relationship with transportation.