We are developing a Unified Transportation Ecosystem and Marketplace

  • End-to-end tracking and management of trips
  • Provides seamless and connected multi-modal travel
  • Ride-sharing, bikes, bus, train and/or plane trips
  • Provides visualization and complex mapping with transportation options
  • Transaction Manager: Country currency, trade, crypto currency
  • Scheduling Manager: Optimizes costs and travel

Patented and Patent Pending Technologies

  • New Type of Transportation Network
  • Optimized Smart Deployment of Cars and People
  • New Supply and Demand Algorithms
  • New Preferences, Priorities and Schedules
  • New Cost and Revenue Models
  • Mobile and Smart Device Application

How it Will Work with Self-Driving Cars

Tribal Rides works through our patented SMART Deployment© logistics computing, which will communicate with cars themselves and allow the network to flow seamlessly. This means your self-driving car is there for you when you need it and out making money for you when you don’t. 



Our Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) on the cloud will allow consumers to easily access and manage the use of transportation services from any number of self-driving cars. Whether this is a fleet of vehicles or a single car shared among a group, a user can summon a car and is in control of where that car goes and who it goes with. This can be particularly appealing to those wary of riding with strangers.

We intend to use Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, Self Positioning techniques and more Smart Deployment© to better predict the impact self-driving cars will have on transportation markets. Through the design of sophisticated algorithms and heuristics applied to both AI and Machine Learning, our ground-breaking mobility platform lets consumers customize, personalize, and manage their local transportation experience, reducing their costs for local ground transportation.

An Ecosystem for Ride-Sharing and Autonomous Driving.
Our Five Key Concepts

Car Interior
Self-Driving Cars

“Self-Driving Car” or “SDC” shall mean the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration’s designated “Level 4” autonomous vehicles; i.e. cars that have the capability to drive anywhere on America’s streets and highways without any human on board for the entire trip. These SDCs can go anywhere by themselves.

On-Demand Transportation

A method and system for receiving transportation demand requests from consumers in real time, and where demand requests are matched with available transportation resources in real time by location.

Pre-Scheduled Transportation

A method and system for consumers to enter transportation demand requests in advance of their transportation need, and where these demand requests are matched with available SDC transportation resources in a pre-scheduled time/location synchronization.

Self-Positioning Cars

Refers to the capability of SDCs to move to a particular location at a particular time without active human involvement. Instructions on positioning are relayed by computer to the SDCs and can be issued either in advance or in real time.

Self-Deploying Cars

Where the positioning of SDCs results from computer generated time/location instructions that are calculated using a multitude of inputs not limited to real-time or pre-scheduled demand requests.

Visionaries Wanted
We're looking for others who share our vision of a safer and more efficient road transportation system. Connect with us to consider partnership opportunities.